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For ambitious people who know something needs to change, but aren't quite able to articulate what, just yet. Begin to unpack areas of your life, to start to move the needle towards a new direction.

If you're 100% committed to creating lasting change in your world, but not quite sure what that change needs to be, An Intro is for you. Together we are going to boost your wellbeing by getting you really clear on your goals, build your confidence in your abilities and help you reconnect to your WHY. 

Feel as though you're at a crossroads and fed up of not knowing which road to take?  Wanting to bring some intention back into your decision making and life choices?  Ready to be the driving force forwards in your life?  If you're answering YES to one or more of these questions then this program is for you. Together we will get clear on your goals and what success looks likes to you. We will explore your inner world, going beyond surface level performance coaching in order to help you understand why you think or act the way you do, then decide from there what you want to change about your status quo. We're going to get you back in the driving seat in every area of your life.


An Introduction to Transformational Life Coaching 

Six week package


We'll explore your world and the stories within it. Often our stories are what create self-limiting beliefs, that fuel self sabotaging behaviours. Often we aren't consciously aware of our stories until given the space to share them with an objective listener. I will be that objective listener, who will hold you in positive high regard and pass no judgement on what you share.  


Then you will have the opportunity to evaluate how these current ways of thinking, behaviour patterns and feelings towards certain situations and people serve you, as it stands.You'll be able to do with supportive questioning and further probing, digging deeper perhaps, than you would alone. I'll offer different coaching models and tools where appropriate and with your permission, provide observational insight and feedback.


From this point, you will then begin to expand. Expand your world view, ways of interacting with yourself & others and your path, whichever direction you have identified you want to take it. 

Let's chat to see if we are a good fit. 

In my six week Intro package we will deep dive into who you are, how you are and what you do.

I will equip you with practical tools for both in and outside of our sessions in order for you to explore your current in order to move forwards with intention, focus and agency. 

"Becca is an incredibly warming and patient coach. She has given me such valuable tools and guidance I still continue to use everyday. These sessions have helped me maintain a clear outlook & vision on different areas of my life, making them all work together in harmony."

Kirsty Conje

Let's Do This 

Find out more about how we can work together by booking in your free consultation 

Its time to change

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