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About me

Hi, I'm Becca - It's lovely to meet you and I'm excited to share more about me, my services and how we can work together.

If you're on this page, chances are you are ready to take the next steps towards a more balanced and healthy life.

I get it!  For me, there is no better feeling than taking full responsibility and ownership over decisions that will lead you towards the life you want to create. Living with intention and focus. Setting meaningful, challenging and exciting goals for both your professional and personal lives - which I believe are intrinsically linked.

But life happens! And sometimes events happen and circumstances arise that are not in the plan or within our control, which can send us into free fall.

My role as a professional transformational coach is to support you, as a thinking partner. To facilitate your thinking to move you through whatever blockers or challenges life may have thrown at you. So that you can continue to flourish and grow, in whichever direction you want to.

I help clients to get clear on what it is they want, build confidence in their decisions that will help them get there and find connection to themselves, their world and their people, because "if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together." -  African proverb 

My Core Values 


I will always be open and candid about what I believe you can achieve. I will sensitively and supportively encourage you to push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone. It’s from there that the most growth and improvement will come.


One of the key elements of yoga that I practice, but that is equally applicable in all areas of life, is the philosophy of Ahimsa. This roughly translates into is the idea of ‘non-harming’, which means different things to everyone, but for me it means that no one should push their agenda on you - that allowing you the space to feel at one with yourself is the most important thing.


I am not here to judge or to ask any more than you’re willing to give, but I will always be available to listen and when asked, offer observations and reflections. More than anything, I want you to feel that you can be yourself at all times.

A word from me


My journey so far...



I landed my first job in a meeting space provider which was hard work, fast paced and where I honed the  people skills  I'd already been practicing in hospitality jobs throughout my university career, in a corporate environment. I was  the point person for all our clients who ranged from WHsSmith to Diageo and Channel4 to Shelter. It was a great introduction to the corporate world however I moved on fairly quickly, learning that I needed more stimulation and challenge.



I got my first taste for learning and development as the HR Co-ordinator for a private hospital, on a maternity cover. I became fascinated by human potential and quickly learned that  people are always an organisation's most valuable asset. 



Zipped off to run a bar in the Italian ski resort, Champoluc. I put my belief in human potential to good use, managing my team to deliver the best experience to our hotel guests throughout a busy season. 

Returning to England with no clear direction I sought the support of a coach to gain some clarity and focus. This landed me, what I thought would be the making of me, a headhunting gig for an Exec Search firm....



...Fast forward to May 2020, and it was a last in, first out policy and I was made redundant. 

But by September I had picked myself up, dusted myself off and signed myself up to a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training intensive and Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching and Balance with Becca was born.



I had successfully launched and built the yoga side of the business, securing regular corporate client contracts and continuing to maintain an online community of regular zoom yoga students, the Balance Tribe. Whilst feverishly studying, learning about the art & science of coaching and building my coaching hours through my Diploma. As well as working a part time FOH job at Revive Yoga Studio to fund the early stages of the business.

Once qualified, my aim was to coach as many people as possible to gain experience coaching a variety of demographics and seniority levels to prepare me for building a holistic wellness, coaching and facilitation business that would support both individuals and organisations to 'find more balance'. 



I became accredited by the gold standard of coaching bodies, the ICF as an Associate Coach, ensuring my professional development continued, whilst joining two coaching companies to support young people. As well as partnering with multinational corporates to build their Corporate Wellness offerings, delivering wellness workshops, leading guided meditations and yoga classes across the globe and working 1:1 in a coaching setting. Supporting teams from Doctify, Project Everyone and Puresport.

2023 & BEYOND

Is where I continue to create, build and cultivate meaningful, lasting and fruitful relationships on an individual and corporate basis in order to support as many people as I can to find a more balanced, healthy and happy life. 

My mission is to  create environments where people feel empowered to examine and transcend their current paradigms, limiting behaviours and thought pattens through holistic wellness packages.

My dream is to one day open a physical wellness space where Balance practitioners serve the Balance Tribe IRL in all things wellness and personal development.


Having one to one Life Coaching with Becca has been simply life changing. Becca has amazing positive energy and a natural ability to create a safe environment in which I felt comfortable sharing my goals.

Through questioning she really made me think of problems differently, it opened me up to opportunities and helped me to identify changes that I wanted to make.

I have since been much more organised in planning my time and completing my goals. I would highly recommend Becca as a Coach.

—  Charlotte Bridges


Let's Do This 

Find out more about how we can work together by booking in your free consultation 

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