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Balance with Becca.

It was this experience that sparked my interest in learning about human psychology and our motivations - about why we do what we do, and what drives us to personal development. It quickly became clear that this was the area I needed to be working in. So, I took the leap - investing in Yoga Teacher Training and a diploma in Transformational Life Coaching. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but I’ve never felt more sure about the direction I’m now travelling in.

In 2020 the world changed, the solid ground of everyday life shifted beneath our feet. I, like so many others, was thrown off-balance. But, despite the instability, or perhaps because of it, I felt the urge to chart a new course.

I knew that my heart just wasn’t in climbing the career ladder I was on. I’m proud of my past achievements, but I wanted to do something that meant more to me, and gave more back to others. I had been through tough times before (though 2020 has certainly raised the bar!), and what helped me find stability then was the grounding practice of yoga, and the supportive experience of life coaching.  

So, whether you’re a business looking out for the wellness of your employees or an individual seeking to make positive lifestyle changes, let me help. From one-to-one life coaching sessions, to corporate yoga classes, or vice versa, it’s my mission to help you find the balance that’s so important - now more than ever.

My Story

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