What People Say

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Kirsty Cronje 

Founder of Kirsty Cronje Beauty

Becca is an incredibly warming and patient coach. She has given me such valuable tools and guidance I still continue to use everyday. These have helped me maintain a clear outlook & vision on different areas of my life, making them all work together in harmony. I particularly enjoyed the practical exercises we did together which gave me light bulb moments I didn’t realise I needed.

Sometimes hearing things back in sessions I found difficult or triggering but I understood how valuable it was to then process and assess them accordingly. Becca does this in a very friendly but professional & approachable manner. My goal in the sessions with Becca was to really try and have a good work/life balance without becoming overwhelmed and I feel I have achieved this.

I would highly recommend Becca to any of my friends as nothing other than positivity to your life comes out of her sessions.

I will be forever grateful thank you Becca.

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Isobel Perl

Founder of PERL Cosmetics & Girls in Business 

I worked with Becca from January through to June and I can hand on heart say my personal business growth was a direct result of working weekly with her.


Her energy is infectious and she has an amazing ability to link together information to help me better understand the way my mind works. She pushed me outside my comfort zone whilst providing me the support and security I needed. 

I'd have absolutely no hesitation in referring her to a friend and I look forward to picking up our sessions again in September. 

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Nicola Twiston Davies

Mindset and Strategy Coach

Coaching with Becca is such a delight. She is so focussed and interested in what I have to say and clearly listens as she is able to not only repeat (in summary) what I have said to her but she then also throws a completely insightful and useful question back to me that opens up so many more possibilities.


I have taken action after each of our calls without it ever feeling like a chore and that's due to her creating the space for me to think and her challenges to any doubt in my personal abilities to do so.


I feel kick ass!

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Tarinee Khanna


I would highly recommend Becca as a coach.

She is extremely competent, empathetic and professional.


Becca is a great listener with attention to detail

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Penny Ray

Internal Communications and Engagement Specialist

My experience with Becca has been an amazing time of self discovery and I feel lucky to have been on this journey. 

Her positive energy and welcoming smile have allowed me the space to open up and reflect on my own mind and goals in a safe and guided space. 

Because of these sessions I feel far more motivated to take on challenges with a positive, can do attitude.

Thank you Becca - you were made to be in this career!

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Kaine Levy

Founder of Ventur Agency

Coaching has helped to shed light on some of my deeper-rooted personality traits. It has given me self-awareness about why I act and feel the way I do about certain situations.


Coaching has also been a really great safe space and outlet to talk about a lot of the things I don’t share with other people. It has also helped me to put into words some of the things I want from my life, and translate them into actionable goals.

Becca is an infectiously positive and patient coach. She’s exactly the type of person you would want in your corner. My sessions with her have helped me to understand why I act and feel the way I do in certain situations, as well as translate what I want in life into actionable goals.


Charlotte Bridges


Having one to one Life Coaching with Becca has been simply life changing. Becca has amazing positive energy and a natural ability to create a safe environment in which I felt comfortable sharing my goals.

Through questioning she really made me think of problems differently, it opened me up to opportunities and helped me to identify changes that I wanted to make.

I have since been much more organised in planning my time and completing my goals. I would highly recommend Becca as a Coach.

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Milesh Patel

Founder of Film & Create

I came to Becca on recommendation. I was looking for some balance when trying to juggle multiple jobs and life experiences. There were key areas in my life that I felt a disconnect with and I also had some anxiety.

Through Becca's coaching style I was given the space that I needed to learn more about myself, and the way I think and feel. We also worked on changing and instilling behaviours that made a positive change and gave me the balance I needed to progress in these key areas. I now have less anxiety and able to deal with challenges better.

Becca has always remained professional and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who struggles to put the pieces together!

Thank you Becca for bringing a positive change to my behaviours, I am very grateful!

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Emma Berry

Senior Analyst 

Working with Becca was the perfect balance of love and challenge. I was going through a particularly tough time in my life both personally and professionally when I worked with Becca, she was able to push me just the right amount so I felt energised after each session rather than overwhelmed. I always had a clear action plan for what I would do in the weeks between our sessions and more importantly felt motivated to get it done!


Becca listened to every word I said to pick out on key themes for questioning and discussions, often leading us to chat about things that I wasn’t aware I was holding on to. To me, this is what makes an amazing coach, someone who identifies things that you didn’t even know existed in your mind, whether that be a limiting belief or fear.


Alia Shahrizan

Digital Copywriter

Becca has helped me make simple yet powerful changes to my life. My sessions with her allowed for a shift in mindset that resulted in finding peace in the present. 

Being able to explore problems that I never knew was bothering me in a safe and comfortable space definitely helped find the tools within my reach to make a positive change. 

With Becca’s help and infectious positivity, I have seen incredible changes in my everyday life and am so grateful to have had this experience.


Sian Taylor

Global Sales Development Manager

Working with Becca is like talking to a friend, if that friend knew exactly what questions to ask to get to the root of the problem.


At the start of coaching you create a plan/aim for what you’d like to achieve through the sessions and the best way to work towards your goals.


For anyone considering investing in coaching, working with Becca is truly invaluable. 


Becca Kerley

Customer Success Executive

Becca’s life coaching sessions have helped me grow so much.


I struggled with how I viewed friendship and life in general and that view has changed completely since my sessions.

There was no judgement from Becca at all, she just listened and helped guide the discussion based on what had been said.


I feel like I have progressed as a person because of Becca.