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Corporate Classes

Whether you're a busy team looking for pockets of calm in your week or a group of colleagues wanting to knit wellness into your everyday -  I've got you covered

"I love Becca's yoga sessions because she creates positive vibrations and energy.  Becca always spends time before and after the sessions seeking feedback from us in order to adapt her teaching style to address our needs. Becca is a great yoga teacher as I always feel refreshed and balanced with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life after her sessions."


Noclor Research, NHS

Corporate Classes

Yoga can help with...

Combatting deadline stress

WFH backache

Boosting morale in the workplace 

Bringing teams together outside their usual work-remit


My Corporate Classes

Classe for groups of up to 15 people can be held online, or in person (if you have the facilities.

These classes are individually tailored to the needs of your organisation. 

Taking into consideration the demographic of your teams and their ability level.

My classes will always be peppered with modifications and variations to keep the most beginner to seasoned handstander happy on their mat.



Bringing teams together in a non-work related setting creates spaces for people to connect and build deeper relationships with colleagues. It creates space for fun and relaxation whilst at work


Yoga & meditation are accent practises that are proven to increase levels of mental and physical resilience and fitness as well as bolster the immune system through pranayama (breathwork). Resulting in fewer sick days


By encouraging & facilitating a yoga and/or meditation practise for staff, you are future proofing your business... Yoga reduces the risk of joint problems, supports positive mental health & builds strength & flexibility physically & mentally. Meditation deepens connection to the self and fosters mental clarity in and out of work


Most of us know that yoga and meditation can reduce stress, but organisationally, you championing a time for the team to the come together boosts productivity as it shows staff that you care about their wellbeing as well as their work output

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