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For ambitious people who have some idea of what they want to bring to coaching and are wanting to put thought into action. Unpack, sort then move forwards with tried and tested techniques that are bespoke to you and your world.

If you're hungry to create lasting change in your world, and know where you want to start with that change, A Deep Dive is for you. Together we will to boost productivity, focus and clarity in the areas of your life you identify as the most important to your wellbeing. Get ready to reconnect to yourself and the world around you, build confidence in key areas and find clarity on what your next move is going to be.

Know that you've got more potential that your currently able to access? Wanting to supercharge your world and relationships? Ready to deep dive into your inner world so you can intentionally move through the world around you? If you feel ready to fully invest in your future self today, A Deep Dive is for you. Not only will it provide you with dedicated time and space each week, but it will bring laser focus to your ambition and untapped potential, transforming it into an actionable and attainable blue print for your personal success.


A Transformational Deep Dive

Twelve week package

In my twelve week Deep Dive package you can expect your current world view to be challenged with compassion. I aim to expand your thinking to go beyond where you start when we begin working together. I will use various coaching and mindfulness tools to push your outside of your comfort zone and help you grow. Expect to come away with practical tools that you will be able to come back to time and time again that will help you move forwards with intention, focus and agency. 


We'll explore your world and the stories within it. Often our stories are what create self-limiting beliefs, that fuel self sabotaging behaviours. Often we aren't consciously aware of our stories until given the space to share them with an objective listener. I will be that objective listener, who will hold you in positive high regard and pass no judgement on what you share.  


Then you will have the opportunity to evaluate how these current ways of thinking, behaviour patterns and feelings towards certain situations and people serve you, as it stands.

You'll be able to do with supportive questioning and further probing, digging deeper perhaps, than you would alone. I'll offer different coaching models and tools where appropriate and with your permission, provide observational insight and feedback.


From your evaluation you will then be able to begin to elevate your thinking and action in order to create lasting change in your world. Whether that is change in your behaviour or changes in your thinking this elevation is going to be support development and growth. My job is to support that development and growth by being your thinking partner and mirror, pointing out blind spots. 


From this point, you will then be able to carve out your own path for expansion.Expanding your world view, ways of interacting with yourself & others and your path forwards, whichever direction you want to take.


In order to create and sustain lasting change you will need to embed new thought patterns, behaviours and beliefs to support this change. Like laying new train tracks, the more journeys travelled the more embedded the tracks become. Its the same with new behaviours and thoughts. We will safeguard you against old patterns and habits by building awareness of triggers and highlighting your values and motivations so that you stick to your new course.

Let's chat to see if we are a good fit. 

"Becca created a space that not only felt safe, but almost sacred... The trust and respect for each other built very quickly, powered by Becca's extremely warm demeanour, and pitch-perfect challenges to established behaviours. I learnt so much about myself over the weeks."

David Robinson

Let's Do This 

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Its time to change

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