What People Say


Brit McInerney

Noclor Rsearch

I’ve tried different Yoga classes before and was alway disinterested afterwards. I just assumed Yoga wasn’t for me - but Becca's classes are perfect 

It was well timed, explained well and difficult enough. I was honestly  so surprised at how fun they are, and I feel great afterwards!


Lisa Brown

Public Sector

Becca’s calming voice steers you through the session, leaving you calm and relaxed.


Her clear instructions guide beginners, intermediates and advanced yogis alike.  I leave every class feeling refreshed and that I have achieved something.

She’s a great teacher.


Aruna Saravanamuttu

Noclor Research

I love Becca's yoga sessions because she creates positive vibrations and energy. 

Becca always spends time before and after the sessions seeking feedback from us in order to adapt her teaching style to address our needs.

Becca is a great yoga teacher as I always feel refreshed and balanced with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life after her sessions.


Priscilla Essuman

Noclor Research

I’ve always loved yoga but Balance with Becca has given me the opportunity to enjoy the practice even more.

Her Zoom classes are easily accessible, well structured and have created a really lovely sense of community (which I’ve found especially beneficial given the lack of opportunities for this nowadays!)

She offers a range of classes making Balance ideal for whichever level of yoga you’re feeling up to.