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What People Say


Zhané Davis


We wanted to create a fun, interactive and engaging program of events for the team at Doctify.

Partnering with Balance with Becca was seamless. Becca worked with us, listening to exactly what we wanted to achieve and suggested relevant and meaningful topics for the the meditations, wellness workshops and yoga classes.

The coaching sessions were super useful on a team level, running with a clarity and flow. These were incredibly valuable and spot on in terms of the brief we’d given Becca. She also wrote meditations that were accessible, even to those who weren’t natural meditators and we received really positive feedback that her tone was incredibly calming.

The yoga classes were also enjoyed by all, with mention of her style and pace of the class being excellent.

We really enjoyed working with Becca and look forward to

partnering with her again in the future.

Jon Hales headshot.jpeg

Jon Hales

Project Everyone

I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions I took part in with Becca.

She has a quiet authority and a calming presence and it gave an important opportunity to stop and catch my breath during the work week.

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Priscilla Essuman

Noclor Research

I have been lucky enough to be taught by the amazing Becca at Balance with Becca over the last two years since the Covid pandemic first hit.  What started as a way to get in some weekly exercise during lockdown has now become an important part of my routine thanks to the inspiration and knowledge imparted by Becca during her classes. 


From a physical perspective she has turned me into someone who can actually touch her toes and lower her heels in downward dog.  A small feat for some people but near miraculous for someone who thought they were too inflexible to ever achieve this!  From an internal and wellbeing perspective she has given me a greater understanding of the history and tradition of yoga.  I have dropped in and out of yoga since university but this is the longest sustained period I have practised yoga and first time I even felt motivated to regularly do yoga at home. 


Attending BWB became one of the high points of the work week and it has been even more rewarding to introducing other members of our team to yoga through her teaching!  All credit goes to her excellent teaching, positive and inspiring attitude and encouragement. 


I can’t recommend her classes enough!

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Simone W

Public Sector

I’ve been practising yoga with Becca for almost two years now and it has been fantastic.  I’m quite an active person however, had never really considered yoga as part of my exercise regime.

Becca is an amazing teacher, her calm soothing voice always helps me to relax and get into the zone. Practising with Becca has really helped my physical flexibility and balance – my breathing techniques have also improved allowing me to transfer that skill to everyday life. 


I look forward to practising every week and I always end the session feeling so much better than how I started.  Yoga with Becca provides me with freedom from the anxious state of mind and constantly fills me with positive energy.


Brit M

Noclor Rsearch

I’ve tried different Yoga classes before and was alway disinterested afterwards. I just assumed Yoga wasn’t for me - but Becca's classes are perfect 

It was well timed, explained well and difficult enough. I was honestly  so surprised at how fun they are, and I feel great afterwards!

Lydia Paynter.jpeg

Lydia Paynter 

Project Everyone

We wanted to create a series of sessions for Project Everyone as part of our October monthly motivator, after a very busy summer in the lead up to lots of events and travel for UNGA week in September.


Becca really understood the organisation and the people who work there, and was a able to tailor a series of mediation, yoga, and goal setting workshops that gave the team the opportunity to unwind, reflect, and create mindful habits going forwards.


It was great to have different kinds of session for people to join, and Becca’s friendly and laid back approach to wellbeing made us feel welcome and at ease.


Lisa Brown

Public Sector

Becca’s calming voice steers you through the session, leaving you calm and relaxed.


Her clear instructions guide beginners, intermediates and advanced yogis alike.  I leave every class feeling refreshed and that I have achieved something.

She’s a great teacher.


Aruna Saravanamuttu

Noclor Research

I love Becca's yoga sessions because she creates positive vibrations and energy. 

Becca always spends time before and after the sessions seeking feedback from us in order to adapt her teaching style to address our needs.

Becca is a great yoga teacher as I always feel refreshed and balanced with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life after her sessions.

Laura case study.jpg

Laura B

Public Sector 

I’ve been practising yoga each week with Becca for over a year now and can’t recommend her enough. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a complete beginner, Becca always offers modifications and alternative poses so you can go at your own pace.


Becca’s positive vibes, calming energy and friendly nature create a relaxed atmosphere, and I always finish class with a big smile on my face!


Noreen K 

Project Everyone

I really enjoyed my sessions with Becca.


Her approach makes you feel very comfortable and confident in yourself and your thoughts/actions.


I wish we had more time with her as every session was delivered with thoughtfulness and impact!

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